Matrix Logics

Logics Color DNA System is a complete line of pure tone color for
hair artists only
opening your world to unlimited creative
possibilities. With magnificent clarity
& brilliance, the perfectly
balanced hi-reflect dyes push the edge of color &
redefine self-

Be original. Be your own master. Let Logics be your muse.

Dual Nourishing Action Technology: a targeted conditioning duet
nourishes every strand, helps repair damage &  restores  shine &
silkiness, as you create.

Full Line of Pure Tone, Digitally-Calibrated Shades comprimise a
balanced collection with translucency, color vibrancy & true tonal


Colorcremes Permanent Gelucent Color is an energized haircolor,
featuring Reds, Blues, Violets, Red Oranges, Red Violets & Golds
with exceptional clarity.

Imprints Demi-Permanent Gelucent Color with the first Dual Finish
Palette, features both Sheer and Full shades. Matches Colorcremes
Permanent Gelucent Color.

Color Generator formulas are compatible with Colorcremes,
Imprints, Gel Lightener & Light Reactions Powder Lightener.

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